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Make Getting a Physical Easy

If you need a DOT physical, you know where to turn. We offer a wide range of physical examination services, including school and sports physicals. You can also count on us to perform any drug screening tests that you might need.

Ensure that you and your family are always in the best of shape by scheduling a regular physical with Michie Medical Clinic Inc.

Learn About Your Health From a Physical

  • Baseline health awareness
  • Vaccinations
  • Healthy lifestyle information
  • Disease risk management
  • Weight management
  • Preventative services
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Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Keep track of what is going on with your health, visit us for a yearly physical exam to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. A physical can give you a baseline for your well-being. It is crucial for maintaining a healthy life and examining any changes that may have happened to your body throughout the year.
Visit us for your physical today.
Are you worried about your weight? Ask us about our weight management counseling services.
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